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About the newly launched softwares…….

Internet Explorer 9 Beta!!!!!

Microsoft Corp. take a early lead in launching a web browser for new age powerful processors by launching Internet Explorer 9 beta. Which is first of new generation of web browser programs that load and run website faster.

IE9 is a freeware and is going to change your view and perception and show you a difference between a web browser and ordinary windows application.

Its look and feel is so good everyone love it. Its user interface come up with fewer buttons, icons and toolbar to stop the shrinking of main screen. Its frame is translucent just like the Mozila Firefox 4.0 Beta 4.

It is most compatible with MS’s operating system i.e. Windows 7 and its lots of features are designed such that it looks like a part of Windows 7. It comes with the same tools which works in the task bar of Windows 7. In this way user can pin favourite websites in the task bar to make a one click shortcut.

This software will push the MS’s technology a step ahead of its competition. The browser can take  advantage of multicore microprocessor to execute a websites code faster. This is not the end of this great software it also uses the PC’s graphics processing unit-by virtue of which the images will looks great and give new height to IE. IE9 support HTML 5, a catch phrase for an updated set of rules and specifications that website  programmers use. In this way we can say that the the new era of browsing is going to start with Internet Explore 9.

You can download  it from