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Gmail”s Priority Inbox

These days almost all people faces a problem of too many mails in there mail boxes and in the rush of these mails some time they miss out some of their important mails.
To solve this problem Gmail launches a facility in their mail box called PRIORITY INBOX.

What is a priority Inbox?

A priority inbox is a sub part or simply a partition in the main Inbox and the main feature of this partition is that, it contain only those messages/mails whose priority is more and this priority is set by the user itself. If you don’t have time to configure manually than G mail’s server will do it by self by analyzing your activities. Priority Inbox divide your inbox into three sections:( 1)“Important and unread,”(2)“Starred” and (3)“Everything else”.

In this way we categorized our overloaded inbox into three different parts and we can easily find the emails.

How it looks:

The priority inbox