Moto X style failed to full fill its promises but final decision is your


The Motorola Moto X Style is far from the home run we were expecting, which is quite disheartening. All the ingredients are present on paper but somehow they just don’t come together, and the end result leaves you wanting more. We like that the company has stuck with the philosophy of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ when it comes to the design and has only made things better by adding metal to the construction. The phone also checks all the boxes when you consider expandable storage, 4G LTE, general performance, and a good display.

The trouble is that Motorola’s very own Google Nexus 6 poses stiff competition to the Moto X Style and, it’s a tad less expensive as well. It has a more powerful SoC, better battery life, wireless charging, and optical image stabilisation for the camera. If expandable storage isn’t much of a concern then we recommend picking the Nexus 6 over the Moto X Play. The former doesn’t support LTE on Band 40 but it does support Band 3, so you will be able to use it once other carriers roll out 4G later in the year. The LG Nexus 5X is another option to look out for if pure Android is what you’re after. However, we’ll only know how good (or bad) it really is once we test it so we’ll reserve our judgment on that for now.

As a flagship, the Motorola Moto X Style is a little tough to recommend at its current price, especially when you have a much better all-rounder such as the Google Nexus 6 going for roughly the same amount. Unexciting camera performance and battery life continue to haunt Motorola’s flagship phones, which prevents the Moto X Style from becoming an otherwise excellent package.


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