Internet Explorer 9 Beta!!!!!

Microsoft Corp. take a early lead in launching a web browser for new age powerful processors by launching Internet Explorer 9 beta. Which is first of new generation of web browser programs that load and run website faster.

IE9 is a freeware and is going to change your view and perception and show you a difference between a web browser and ordinary windows application.

Its look and feel is so good everyone love it. Its user interface come up with fewer buttons, icons and toolbar to stop the shrinking of main screen. Its frame is translucent just like the Mozila Firefox 4.0 Beta 4.

It is most compatible with MS’s operating system i.e. Windows 7 and its lots of features are designed such that it looks like a part of Windows 7. It comes with the same tools which works in the task bar of Windows 7. In this way user can pin favourite websites in the task bar to make a one click shortcut.

This software will push the MS’s technology a step ahead of its competition. The browser can take  advantage of multicore microprocessor to execute a websites code faster. This is not the end of this great software it also uses the PC’s graphics processing unit-by virtue of which the images will looks great and give new height to IE. IE9 support HTML 5, a catch phrase for an updated set of rules and specifications that website  programmers use. In this way we can say that the the new era of browsing is going to start with Internet Explore 9.

You can download  it from


Nokia doesn’t want to leave the Symbian OS, launch 3 more Symbian high class phones.

Few months ago Nokia launches its one of the most ambitious mobile phone N8 with Symbian OS and now Nokia launches the successor of it. And this time Nokia is not going to come with a single set, the Finnish company was launch three phones and all are great in features as well in looks.These three new models come up 250 new stunning features which are able to rock your mobile experience. Like they have a very simple and user friendly interface, some enhanced multimedia features and many more customization abilities. This is not the end Nokia also promise that the phones are going to provide a richer OVI Store experience with some new and unique applications.

Here is a brief introduction of these three phones:

Nokia E7: This phone is specially designed for business class people with a slide-out QWERTY keypad and a 4’’ polarized AMOLED touch screen with Clearback Technology which makes it perfect for working on office documents and e-mail. This very Smartphone offers Exchange Active-sync support, one more thing it’s a 3G enabled phone with a 8MP camera and also free OVI maps which makes navigation easier and it’s free.Nokia is going to launch it in five glossy colors gray, green, white, blue and orange.

Nokia C6-01: This is a budget friendly with all features which make it a very good phone. C6 combined social networking and multimedia into a small package. It a have a strong and glossy stainless steel body with a 3.2“ AMOLED, Clearback camera is same as above one more thing it also have a front facing camera to making video calls easier.

Nokia C7: This phone is specially designed and launched for the social ladies. It also has same size AMOLED touch screen it gives a quick connect with Twitter and Facebook. It also comes with 8.0 Mp Camera, Bluetooth’s latest 3.0 Version and an 8GB huge mass support.

G2 an android based phone

T-Mobile’s G2, an Android Phone

On the eve of 9Th September T mobile launches the successor of its android phone G1 named G2. This will be available in market in later of this month. But the exact dates and price  are not still unveiled by the company. But the customers can make a guess the price with the help of other phones present in the market now.

The features present in G2 are very nice and all moves around the Google. Like it contains Google Voice and was specifically designed for T-Mobile’s faster HSPA+ wireless network.  The makers call it a 4th generation phone, with support a speed of 14.4 Mb/s but theoretically. One more thing about the HSPA+ network support is it gives a speed of 21 Mb/s and it not available at everywhere. But the fact is that the HSPA+ speed already available in more than 55 cities reached 100 million people.

Screen             3.7 inch

Keypad            QWERTY

Processor        Snapdragon MSM7230 clocked at 800 MHz (It gives long battery life)

OS                       Android 2.2

This is not all it have some more stunning features like seven customizable home screens, with one-click access to Google apps, High Definition Camera (5Mp) with flash and autofocus. It comes with a 4 GB internal memory and a 8 GB microSD memory card and it can support up to 32GB.

So just wait and watch………………………….

Gmail”s Priority Inbox

These days almost all people faces a problem of too many mails in there mail boxes and in the rush of these mails some time they miss out some of their important mails.
To solve this problem Gmail launches a facility in their mail box called PRIORITY INBOX.

What is a priority Inbox?

A priority inbox is a sub part or simply a partition in the main Inbox and the main feature of this partition is that, it contain only those messages/mails whose priority is more and this priority is set by the user itself. If you don’t have time to configure manually than G mail’s server will do it by self by analyzing your activities. Priority Inbox divide your inbox into three sections:( 1)“Important and unread,”(2)“Starred” and (3)“Everything else”.

In this way we categorized our overloaded inbox into three different parts and we can easily find the emails.

How it looks:

The priority inbox